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Dolls and Fairies [Creed]

Posted on February 8th 2016 06:45 PM
Mana: 500

Claire had finally arrived in Oak. The sun was just beginning to set when she walked into town, and as it slipped behind the trees that surrounded Oak, its fading brilliance and color seemed to set the forest on fire. Claire stood at the town’s entrance for a while, taking it in. 

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

As she moved a little further into town, Claire encountered townspeople, some of whom gave her strange looks as she passed. Perhaps seeing someone in a full suit of armor was a rare occurrence for them. There was one especially curious individual who looked as if her eyes were sticking out of her head. Claire waited until she passed by the woman, then glanced back over her shoulder. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that it’s rude to stare?” She stuck out her tongue (which surprised the other woman) and kept walking.

Claire quickly found a nice-looking inn not far from the outskirts of town where she decided to stay for a few days while she finished her business in Oak Town. Of course, she was considering staying on an extra couple of days to tour the more historical parts of town. 

Once she had finished unpacking and had largely gotten settled in her new space, she slumped down in a chair, exhausted from the long walk. She removed her armor, storing it in a safe place on a conveniently placed stand, and then went to clean up a bit. The room had a lovely bath, and Claire spent the next hour or so relaxing in the warm water. When she finally emerged again, she was not only free of the dirt and grime from her travels that day–she was also free of fatigue. Feeling much more lively now, Claire decided to go out and see some more of the town before finding a place to eat that night. With that in mind, she selected a violet kimono–fancy, yet fetching at the same time–and black sandals with slight heels. Thus attired, she left the inn and stepped outside. 

It was early night, and rather dark, as Claire made her way down the streets of Oak. She didn’t have anywhere in particular that she was going, instead allowing herself to turn wherever anything of interest presented itself.

Then, as she was walking down another street, she noticed someone a short distance away. As she got closer, she could see by the light of some street lamps that it was a man, rather tall and quite muscular. Long, shaggy silver hair fell down to his bare shoulders (he wasn’t wearing a shirt) and he walked with a sense of confidence. From the looks of a couple of townspeople who he passed on his way down the street, Claire could tell that, like her, he wasn’t a local. She smiled slightly as she caught his gaze, and kept walking.

Posted on February 8th 2016 07:26 PM
Character deleted

Creed was taking a walk in Oak, hoping to find or even get any info on the Grimoire Heart Mage that was supposed to be in town, Talking out loud to himself, “I hope I didn’t come all the way here for nothing…”, when he saw a red-haired woman in a kimono on the other side of this street looking at him. Admittedly, Creed thought the lady looked beautiful, especially her hair, her eyes, her hips, and- Her hips. Creed’s jaw literally dropped, and it took a lot of his willpower not to drool. “Jackpot.” Creed whispered to himself, and he started to walk towards her. But as he was walking in her direction, Creed remembered why he was here in the first place. For all Creed knew, that lady could be the Mage from Grimoire Heart. As a precaution, he kept his hands in his pockets to conceal his Fairy Tail insignia, and continued to walk towards the woman. Even though he was taking precautions in case this person was the Mage he was looking for, in the back of Creed’s mind, he kept thinking that this lady couldn’t possibly be a member of Grimoire Heart. “Guess we’ll find out.” He thought to himself.

Posted on February 8th 2016 10:04 PM
Mana: 500

Claire watched as the man approached, hands in his pockets. 

Interesting…He seems to have no fear whatsoever. How delightful.

Somehow, she sensed confidence simply flowing from him. Was it from the expression on his face? The look in his gray eyes? The way he carried himself as he walked? Perhaps it came from a combination of the three. Regardless, Claire could see that the man was definitely walking towards her now, and he had that look on his face. Claire knew it well–it was the expression of a man who had seen her, and liked what he saw. A slight smile crossed her face at the thought. Even if he did look a little suspicious at first glance, he seemed to be from outside of Oak, like her. It might be interesting to find out who this young man was and what he was doing in town; at any rate, he was clearly interested in her. 

With that determined, Claire smiled at the stranger, one hand fluffing her hair and the other resting lightly on her hip. “Pardon me–you look like you’re searching for something. Or maybe, someone? I’m sorry to bother you, but if you are looking for something perhaps I can help you find it. I don’t know how much help I’ll be, though; I just left the inn where I’m staying to take a walk and…well, I’m afraid I’ve gotten lost.” That wasn’t quite true, but from Claire’s experience almost all men found lost girls more attractive. “Perhaps we can help each other? Oh, dear, where are my manners? My name is Claire–Claire Durandot, actually, but you can just call me Claire if you’d prefer. So then, what do people call you?"

Posted on February 8th 2016 10:32 PM
Character deleted

Creed abruptly bowed in front of Claire and said, “My name is Creed.” He then quickly looked Claire over. “Hmmm… No visible insignias, and she definitely doesn’t look like she’s hiding any…” Creed thought to himself. “Still, gotta be careful…” and with that thought, Creed said to Claire, “You said you were lost? If you need help finding the inn you’re staying at, I’d be happy to help.” In the back of his mind, Creed knew full well that this lady wasn’t lost, but wasn’t sure if she was deliberately lying or was simply interested in him as well. In any case, he was gonna play along for now. He had to make her believe he’s currently only interested in helping her because of her body, which wasn’t hard because he couldn’t stop staring at her hips. Then Creed said, “As for what I am looking for, I’m actually here in Oak because I heard that a very powerful Mage is passing through this town. You know anything about that?” Before she could answer, Creed added, “By the way, your last name, Durandot, is honestly a pretty cool sounding name.” 

Posted on February 8th 2016 11:28 PM
Mana: 500

Creed. So that was the man’s name. Claire watched as he glanced over her body. While it was possible he was simply enjoying the sight of her figure, she doubted that was the case. He looked a little too focused for that. What is he looking for? 

Her thoughts were interrupted as Creed offered to help her find her way back to the inn she was staying at. Well, that’s certainly nice of him… Then he mentioned that he was here in Oak to find, as he put it, a ‘very powerful mage.’ Now this was an interesting development. Who is this mage? And, perhaps just as important–why is he looking for him?

She was interrupted again as Creed added, “By the way, your last name, Durandot, is honestly a pretty cool sounding name.”

Claire beamed appreciatively. “Oh, thank you. When I was growing up, people in my village always thought it was strange. Some of them actually laughed at me.” Claire glanced at the ground. Even though her home had been reduced to rubble years ago and was currently hundreds of miles away, its memory was never far from her mind. She decided to change the subject. 

“So, this mage you’re looking for…Is he someone you know?"

Posted on February 9th 2016 12:00 AM
Character deleted

“No, not really. To be honest, I don’t even know what he or she even looks like or if they’re in a Guild or not. All I know is that this Mage is supposed to be in Oak.” Creed replied. He didn’t reveal the name of the Guild because he thought that mentioning Grimoire Heart would frighten her. Suddenly, Creed’s stomach growled very loudly, causing a passersby to stare. He groaned, “Sorry about that. I haven’t eaten since I left Magnolia.” Then he remembered the cookies he had been carrying with him. Creed reached into his pack, with his left hand, and took out two cookies. He swallowed one of them whole, and was about to do the same to the other one before he remembered that Claire was still there. “You want one?” 

Posted on February 9th 2016 12:29 AM
Mana: 500

Creed offered Claire a cookie, which reminded her that she hadn’t eaten since noon and was still looking for a place to have supper. “Yes, I would. Thank you.” Claire reached out for the cookie. She brought it up to her mouth and bit off part of the edge. She chewed it for a few seconds to fully enjoy the taste, then swallowed. “Mmm...I just love sweets,” she admitted, as the tip of her tongue traveled along her lips to catch the slightest trace of chocolate that might have escaped. She did the same with the rest of the cookie, and even though she took her time, she still felt as if she’d simply swallowed it with one bite when she was finished. 

“So you came here from Magnolia?” Claire finally came out of her candy-induced euphoria to continue talking with Creed. “I’ve never been there before. Do you think you could describe what it’s like?” She suddenly remembered she was talking to a man who hadn’t eaten since he’d set off on his journey. “Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you here if you’re hungry. We could try to find a place to eat, if you’d like.” Suddenly Claire’s stomach grumbled, surprising them both. She turned slightly red. How embarrassing. “I suppose I haven’t eaten since I left either."

Posted on February 9th 2016 12:47 AM
Character deleted

Both of their stomachs growled in unison. Creed saw how Claire’s face turned red, but he just laughed and said, “How about this; I treat you to dinner, and you can ask me all of the questions you want. How does that sound?” He wasn’t trying to pull anything by this. Creed genuinely wanted to take her out to dinner, and not for the reasons people might think. Okay, maybe one particular reason, but other than that none. But before she could reply, a man who was walking by bumped into Claire, slowly rubbing his hand against her butt. In the blink of an eye, Creed punched the man to the ground, still keeping his right hand in his pocket, and before the man could get up, Creed stomped on his back and told him the most serious voice he could, “I saw what you did. Apologize to her right now, and for your sake,” he said as he pressed on the man’s back, “Don’t make me ask twice.” The man quickly apologized several times, and Creed let him go. Then, almost as if nothing happened, Creed asked Claire with a smile on his face, “So what do you say? Can I treat you to dinner?” 

Posted on February 9th 2016 01:30 AM
Mana: 500

Creed’s sudden outburst didn’t really frighten or even surprise Claire all that much; she’d seen men, much less rough-looking than Creed, turn violent at the drop of a hat many times by now. She was actually a little annoyed that Creed felt like he had to defend her honor when she was more than capable of doing so herself; if Creed hadn’t been standing there, that man would have gone away in pieces, courtesy of one of her dolls. Of course, she realized that wouldn’t be the best course of action at the moment, so she decided to let the offender go with a few hasty apologies. Next time, however, he would not find her so forgiving.

Claire remembered that Creed was still standing there, smiling and waiting for an answer. He seemed like a genuinely nice person, if a little rough around the edges. And he had promised she could ask him as many questions as she wanted. That in itself was reason enough to accept. There was still a great deal she wanted to learn about her strange new companion. 

She gave a slight bow. “Yes. I’d be delighted. Where do you want to go?"

Posted on February 9th 2016 02:05 AM
Character deleted

Creed noticed Claire remained unfazed. Puzzled, he thought, “Is she used to seeing stuff like that?” When she accepted his offer and asked him where he wanted to go, Creed sniffed the air. Then he replied, “There is a restaurant in that direction,” Pointing down the street, “And whatever they’re cooking smells great. Why not there?” Creed was about to start walking, but stopped himself and told Claire, “You know, you’re the first person I’ve known that didn’t ask about my scars right off the bat. Strangely though, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.” His eyes met hers. 

Posted on February 9th 2016 02:38 AM
Mana: 500

Creed suggested a restaurant down the street, that was apparently cooking something good. Claire sniffed the air. “You have a good nose.” She tried again, and this time she caught the delicious scent. “I didn’t notice that at first. It does smell wonderful.” As they started walking towards the aroma, Claire stopped and let Creed go first. “After you. You seem to have the better sense of smell anyway."

“You know, now that you mention it, I had wondered about how you got those scars.” Claire confessed as they started on their way. “I didn’t ask because I wasn’t sure if you wanted to talk about it. I understand if you don’t.” There was silence for a little while. “But,” Claire continued, “I do have one question, one that I’ve been wondering about since we met, in fact. I don’t mean to be rude, but…why are you being so helpful? I’m a complete stranger, and yet you’re taking me to dinner. There has to be some motive behind it, right? Nobody does this kind of thing out of the goodness of their hearts. So...what’s your motive?"

Posted on February 9th 2016 06:17 PM
Character deleted

Creed, who started to blush, simply replied, "I just... feel like I should be nice to you." After realizing he had said that, Creed quickly added, "N-not for the reasons you might be thinking! It's just that you seem like a really nice person, and um, well, I just sorta feel obligated to help you, and uh..." Creed's face was as red as Claire's hair, and he had subconsciously put a little distance between them as they were walking. He wasn't staring at her hips anymore and was now trying not to stare at her face, because after getting a closer look at Claire, Creed realized that she was really beautiful. Not just beautiful, but REALLY beautiful. Creed tried to keep it together by repeating to himself in his head, "Stay focused Creed. Remember what you're here for..." Creed and Claire then locked eyes for a split second. Creed thought he could've stared into them forever, but instead he quickly looked away again. He decided to change the subject as he calmed down. "So, why are you in Oak?" he asked as they came up to the entrance to the restaurant.

Posted on February 9th 2016 10:15 PM
Mana: 500

Claire noticed Creed turned red after she’d asked him that question, and even backed away a little. Oh dear. Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked like that… After he’d explained things a little, the situation made more sense. Claire watched as Creed’s gaze slowly migrated from resting solely on her hips, to staring at her face. One might almost say studying her face, from the way he was looking at her. While Claire was well used to having men stare at her, this was somehow different. She caught Creed's eyes and was about to ask what he was doing, but he quickly turned away and asked why she was in Oak. 

“I suppose you could say it’s part business, part pleasure.” Claire answered. She didn’t have to choose her words carefully because that really was the truth. “I came here to meet some people I work for–or, at least, people I will be working for. I haven’t met them yet. Then after I do that, I’d love to see some more of this town. All the old buildings, the forests–it’s really quite beautiful. The people here don’t realize just how wonderful their lives are. How lucky they are to be alive.” Claire suddenly frowned. “But then, people never do. They go on, wasting their lives and pretending they’re truly happy when nothing could be farther from the truth. That…makes me sick.”

They were standing outside of the restaurant by now, and Creed was asking if she’d like to go in. “Yes, please.” She was smiling again. “I’ve been looking forward to it."

Posted on February 9th 2016 10:30 PM
Character deleted

As they were walking in, Creed became worried. Not for himself, but for Claire. “What had she gone through to have that kind of view on life?” Creed thought to himself. He decided it would be better to not go further on the subject, and they found a spot to sit down. Creed took his hands out of his pockets, still keeping them closed. A few minutes later, a waiter came by and explained to them what their specials were this evening, which were grilled salmon, “Oak” salad (One of the restaurant’s signature dishes), and a dish simply called “The Dragon’s Slab.” Creed was curious about the last one, so he decided to order that and some water. The waiter turned to Claire. “And for you miss?” 

Posted on February 9th 2016 10:50 PM
Mana: 500
Hmm… Claire considered the options. Creed had ordered ‘The Dragon’s Slab,’ which sounded interesting. Almost adventurous, in a way. The waiter didn’t say anything else about it, though, so if she ordered it, Claire knew she would be going in blind. She was more in the mood for a salad anyway. Deep down, she knew she needed to do something to counteract her massive candy intake.
“I’ll have the Oak salad, thank you.” She gave a playful wink to the waiter, who nodded and went to tell the kitchen as quickly as possible. He hadn’t been fast enough, however; Claire had seen him blushing as he made his escape. 
“So, you mentioned you came here from Magnolia.” Claire turned back to Creed. “Is that where you’re from? I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve never been there before. What is it like?"

Posted on February 9th 2016 11:07 PM
Character deleted

Creed replied, "It's a quiet place. Not much happens there despite it being the home of the Fairy Tail Guild. Honestly, another reason why I decided to come to Oak was because Magnolia was getting kinda boring. As for if I'm from there, no, I'm not. I was born in a small village west of Magnolia." His smile disappeared after he mentioned his village. "It's been so long..." Creed thought. He actually passed what was left of it on his way here and hadn't realized it. But he brushed it off. Creed sniffed the air again. "There's that smell from before." Creed said. It smelled delicious. 

Posted on February 9th 2016 11:26 PM
Mana: 500

Claire raised an eyebrow. “You came here because Magnolia was getting boring? What about Fairy Tail–from what I’ve heard, people don’t exactly call it a boring guild.” She noticed Creed became much more serious as he talked about his village. She was curious about what had happened there to make him lose his smile, but she decided not to ask. If he wanted to talk about it, he would do it in his own time. No need to be impatient. 

Creed suddenly started sniffing the air. “There’s that smell from before.”

He was right. Claire hadn’t even realized it until he said something. “So it is; I didn’t even notice it before. Just like outside–oh dear, I wonder if I’m getting a cold…” Her sense of smell was certainly leaving some things to be desired; perhaps she was sick after all. 

Lovely. That’s all I need right now. 

Posted on February 10th 2016 12:31 AM
Character deleted

Their food arrived sooner than they thought. Claire's Oak salad was gigantic, and aptly named because it came in a huge bowl made from solid oak. Then another waiter came out with... "Oh my god..." Creed managed to say. His "Dragon Slab" was a colossal cut of grilled meat that was bigger than his chest. Creed couldn't help but drool. The waiter placed it and his water on the table and asked, "Will that be all sir?" Creed nodded, "Uh huh..." He couldn't take his eyes off of his food. This is what he was smelling.   

Posted on February 10th 2016 01:57 AM
Mana: 500

Claire had to admit, the Dragon Slab was impressive. Impressively large. But then, with a name like ‘Dragon Slab’, what else should have been expected? Claire realized this was the source of the delicious scent that had brought the two of them to this particular place. She had no difficulty smelling it now. The fragrance of grilled meat and savory spices filled the air; Claire couldn’t have escaped it if she’d wanted to. She didn’t want to, of course. 

Claire’s salad was also much larger than she had anticipated. “It would seem they do everything bigger here.” She laughed. “I believe the phrase is, ‘Go big, or go home?’”

Claire picked up her fork and stabbed it into the bowl of greens. There were many other vegetables in the salad besides lettuce, of course: tomato slices, carrots, radishes, all garden-variety things. Every once in a while, however, Claire would come across something she didn’t recognize. Despite its unfamiliarity, however, it always tasted good. 

“So.” Claire waited until her mouth was no longer full of salad before speaking. “I suppose I’ve been wondering what you do–I mean, for a living. If you live near Magnolia, there has to be a lot of options, right?"

Posted on February 10th 2016 02:07 AM
Character deleted

Before Creed started to dig in, his simple reponse was, "Oh, I'm a Mage." Not realizing that he had said that, he started to devour his meal with relative ease. He didn't use a fork and knife- No, With both hands, he grabbed the hunk of meat, held it like a sandwich, and bit out of it one bite at a time. It tasted like heaven. He was already halfway through it when he noticed that people were staring. He looked around and said with a full mouth, "What? This tastes amazing!"   

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