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Who are you? [Dizzery's Training/Aki's Social]

Posted on February 8th 2016 01:11 PM
Mana: 1445

Hosenka was busy since today. More busy than usual. Hosenka was one of the already most busiest cities in whole Fiore. Being the outgoing city and the one with the best spas and of course Blue Pegasus. It was always busy here. Akiva wondered what he would do today. He had already visit the Circus before so why would he go in there again today. Though he still had his ticket. He was wondering and wondering and just end up on a bench close to the park. 

He didn't feel like wandering around but neither did he feel like staying in his appartment the whole day. He should do something useful. But what would that be for today? He looked at the people that walked passed him and it was interesting for maybe five minutes. He wondered if he should get more food for his cat Karou. Or that he should do something else. With his left hand on his face, he tried to ignore the noise, forgetting the 24 black tallies on his knuckles that people could see now. Twenty four marks for something special in his life. And it was not his age. For he was twenty-three. Something he would want to forget but he couldn't. 

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Posted on February 8th 2016 02:49 PM
Character deleted

Dizzery took a few steps towards the centre of the town before letting out a massive chuckle to himself. A new city, a new adventure. While he was here mainly to train himself he was also here to get an idea of just how expansive and diverse fiore was and he had already seen evidence of it here. Back home where he was most of the time, he was around his guild members in fairy tail but now that he was in a completely different place, he'd have to rely on himself if something bad happened but he doubted it would.

After a few seconds of gawking at the city he decided to begin his adventure. Mostly to find a place to train but he loves his sight seeing. It didn't take very long before he started jumping around everywhere and was causing a ruckus and most likely annoying the townsfolk so he decided maybe that wouldn't be the best idea. Y'know, he didn't want to mess with any of the mages around here, especially not any strong ones because he wasn't particularly strong himself, hence why he was here to train.

"Well, food is key to training! I need food if I am to endure hours of hard work like that!" he grunted. He searched around but a lot of places were quite expensive and he needed to save his jewels for other, more important, things. With a small sigh he pulled something out of the bag he was carrying with him and bit into it giving a disgusted face, not impressed by the quality of the food he had taken with him but disgusting food was better than no food. Dizzery finally took to properly looking for somewhere to train but didn't have a single clue where to even look. 

"Maybe challenging a local wizard would be a good idea? I don't want to start too much trouble but if I at least challenge them, maybe I'll get someone who'll fight me without grudge. Alright... who to challenge...?" he groaned. His eyes wandered from side to side as he looked for someone but he didn't seem to have any luck. Until his eyes met a man that was. Dizzery couldn't make out if the man was younger or older than him because most people looked older than Dizzery anyway. Black lines? No... Tallies. They were streaked across this man's hand and it made him look rather... out of place but... They were black and anything black and strange attracted Dizzery, so as you can imagine, Dizzery took a fast pace towards him and stopped directly in front of him. 

"Hello there! Sorry to interrupt you... if you can call it that... But, those tallies look interesting. I won't ask but I do have another rather random question. Do you know anywhere someone can train around here? Or, would you even be willing to accept a challenge from me?" he smiled. 

His approach was uncalled for but hopefully the man wouldn't be pushed away from wanting to talk to him

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Posted on February 8th 2016 07:32 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva was lost in thoughts. He tend to think a lot but well not speak too much. He loved his solitude and that was quite difficult in a city like Hosenka especially if there was too many people here and also a piece of Circus. It was uncalled for. He was getting quite tired of it. But it didn't matter, he didn't want to go away all of a sudden. Not without telling Scáthach. Maybe she was going back too, she obviously didn't stay in Hosenka as she had talked about her hotelroom where she had come from the last time they had met. It felt like such a long time ago. 

He looked up when someone interrupted his track of thoughts and stared at a guy that could be either very young or the same age as him. he wasn't as tall though and he looked rather enthousiastic. He arched his right eyebrow in a questioned look because he wasn't sure what to think of this.. boy? The idea that he was indeed interrupted was bothering him. He lowered his hand and stared with his ice blue eyes to the guy. The stranger commented on his tallies and Akiva his jaw became a little tighter because he didn't like the comment on his tallies. He had made them for himself not for other people to comment on and actually nobody had done it before. Everyone thought the idea of his tallies gruesome probably. "There is a training ground at the end of the city." Akiva didn't intend to bring this guy there, as he didn't even introduce himself. Maybe if the Blue Pegasus mage was in a better mood he would. He was wondering if he should be nicer though. 

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Posted on February 8th 2016 08:10 PM
Character deleted

"--Ice cold. Like a heartless demon--"

Dizzery gazed right back into this man's eyes and gave a sharp grunt before sighing at his answer. The boy was so enthusiastic and was being all nice and this guy just gave a blunt and seemingly mindless answer. Dizzery stood in awe and was almost half tempted to try drag the guy to the training grounds along with him just to give him a piece of his own medicine but he wouldn't be rude plus he didn't want to get into a real fight with any actual mages because he heard they were pretty strong around this area so that was not his intention at all.

"At the end of town... huh? Well, thanks for that. But, why don't you come with me? I mean, a training partner would be handy and maybe I can hype you up instead of you sitting around here like you have nothing better to do!" he gawked. To be honest, It was just like Dizzery to be an annoying twat at the worst times and what made it worse was that he probably wouldn't leave until this guy came along with him to the edge of town to train. It was interesting though. The black tallies and the stone cold attitude. Dizzery was wondering if this was his constant mood or if he was just unfortunately not having the best of times. After gazing at him a little, he decided not to question him on it because it was rude to ask people about their life, especially if you had just met them and especially if they seemed to be in a pretty crappy mood.

"Hmmm, it'd be my life to find someone who is mood and grumpy straight off the bat. Eh, hopefully this won't be in vain and he'll actually be some cool guy that's badass or something. I can imagine having an awesome fight with him! Ohhh boy! That would be so great, I'd finally get to test my strength against someone and maybe he is strong as well. He could whoop my ass or something, that'd be embarrassing."

Dizzery was lost in his thoughts for a few moments before returning his gaze to the man who sat in front of him, seemingly unimpressed by very much. The boy began to stretch out of nowhere and took to looking at the sky that was a nice shade of whatever color. A lot of people had passed and not a single stopped to see Dizzery or this other kid who was just sitting there so there was probably something going on. Well, he assumed so. It was his first time at this city so he didn't know what was normal and what wasn't.


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Light red - Him actually speaking

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Posted on February 8th 2016 08:34 PM
Mana: 1445

Seriously this guy was overconfident in himself. Akiva wasn't in a foul mood that often but this guy was simply pissing him off. He wasn't even that tall to begin with but demanding Akiva almost to come to the training ground. To get a better mood. People should stop poking around in his business. If he wanted to be grumpy he had all the reason to. At least the small guy asked nicely. Slowly the guy that had sat low on the bench stood up, standing something like 15 centimeters above the guy that challenged him made him maybe even more impressive. He placed his hands in his pockets, giving off a vibe that he didn't much care about his attitude for he knew what he was doing. 

"Should you first introduce yourself before demanding someone to come along with you? Just so show you the place and be handy to you? That's not very nice now is it." He wouldn't introduce himself for this shrimp did, because manners were an important issue at Blue Pegasus and Akiva could handle them all. Maybe even for this shrimp, he caught Akiva in an okay mood, he could do much worse. "If you show behaviour that I would like, and that is nice to every other stranger. I might show you to the training ground, and maybe you can convince me that I will help you train." He was wondering now how strong this guy was as he pulled his leather jacket better. He doubted to be honest that he was much stronger as well as strong because of the fact that he challenged someone. Or it was just the trick to crush someone. Akiva looked the shrimp up and down, wondering about answers. 

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Posted on February 8th 2016 09:02 PM
Character deleted

"--The demon has awoken--"

The boy gave a small chuckle to himself as the man stood up, raising over him like a tower. From Dizzery's perspective, it was like looking up at a massive building that was covering the sun and put you in the shade. Except, this was a man and not an actual building. 

"I apologize for my rudeness. The name is Dizzery. Dizzery Lynic," He said as he took his gaze off the man still towering over him. Dizzery almost felt bad for having intruded the guy so badly and for pissing him off so much but that was just what Dizzery was good at. He had to try and convince the guy to come along with him but if he pushed too much the guy would say no. It was these situations that Dizzery actually hated the most because he wasn't used to talking but rather pummeling something until it talked. Different cities, different customs, different people. 

Dizzery made himself go off into distant thought for a few seconds so that he could figure out what to do in this situation. It was either convince the guy and go training or mess up and make a new enemy. And, the enemy part he seriously wanted to avoid. Dizzery was good at beating bad guys up but he didn't particularly like when it got too serious and he doesn't like actually making new enemies, especially when it could have been avoided by saying something differently or the likes. Now, this guy. The one towering over him probably didn't want to talk too much but at the same time probably for good reason. He was just approached by an obnoxious adult that looks about sixteen and is very annoying. Not only that but he basically demanded that they go train and didn't even introduce himself properly along with it all. So, in all honesty, the situation was weighing against Dizzery but he came up with an idea that would possible help him regain his stance. 

"Okay, how about this. In exchange for interrupting your day. We go to the training ground, we fight, it's training for me and just another fight for you and if I win, you tell me your name. And if you lose... well... you can decide that on your own. Sound good?" he said nervously because he wanted the guy to accept. Well, there wasn't much else he could lose at this point so it was a gamble. A very big gamble that Dizzery was willing to take regardless of what would happen. 

A breeze blew gently by as the two men stared each other in the eyes...

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Posted on February 8th 2016 09:24 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva looked at Dizzery, he finally introduced himself. Did he need to teach this barbarian the rules of society? Even though Akiva sucked at it in general. Not that it didn't really matter or that he would but he thought about it for a second. He looked at the shrimp, wondering for a second what he thought for his looks didn't look like he was paniking but he looked like he was inside. His bodylanguage said so. And Akiva could understand a little why. 

He wasn't sure what to say himself and waited for Drizzery to get back to his senses before Akiva would introduce himself. That's when Shrimp started to talk again. When the guy made a gamble for his name, Akiva his shoulders started to shake a little until he let out a laugh and looked up at the sky. He couldn't help but continue laughing for a while. It was the mistake maybe that he made. "So basically you bet I'm going to lose and you're going to win." He said as he finally managed to stop talking. "And you assume that I like fighting. Just because I was being grumpy. You never have these days do you?" Days that everything seemed cloudy and there was no way out to be positive and happy. There was no Scáthach to make him smile and lose his memory. He was just alone until the shrimp bumped into him. "It's Akiva." The blue haired one said. He pointed towards the way to go. "Let's walk."

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Posted on February 8th 2016 09:46 PM
Character deleted

"--I'll show you!--"

Dizzery looked at the guy as he laughed and then commented on what Dizzery had said. The guy was either mocking Dizzery or was simply finding what he said funny but he wasn't sure as to which one it was. Akiva managed to accurately describe what Dizzery was doing and made him seem a little bit silly in all honesty.

"Well, I didn't assume you liked fighting... kinda. It was more of a guess really." he mumbled to himself as he turned his head slightly aiming it away from Akiva, who was still stood there not moving an inch. After a few seconds, Akiva introduced himself properly to Dizzery who's eyes beamed open with a look of awe. He had expected to not get Akiva's name but the guy just came straight out with it like it was nothing. Well, at least he wouldn't have to worry about never knowing the guy's name anymore. The guy also just told Dizzery to walk with him towards the training area so as expected, he got excited and started jumping around but soon settled and took to a walking pace towards the area the guy pointed at with him. 

"So, do you live here or are you just on a visit? I heard there was an event around here but I'm not certain, this is my first time being here. Is it also usually this busy?" the kid bombarded him with questions that seemed pointless and probably were but that didn't matter. He wanted to know so he asked and unfortunately manners weren't something Dizzery did best in. As he continued to ask questions he soon realized that what he was doing probably annoyed Akiva considerably so he stopped asking and just began to walk in silence towards the training ground. They were getting closer and closer with each minute that went by and Dizzery got more and more excited as the time went on. The air in face, blowing his hair around a little and the smell of fresh air. The two best things you can have while on a walk. 

Dizzery would set his eyes upon the tall man once more and smile a little. He was getting hyped and was excited that his guy might help him in his training but he avoided eye contact completely in case Akiva decided to chance his mind and left. The only problem with Dizzery was when he began to get overly hyped, his dragon slayer magic began to actually show around him. Not very much obviously but it was definitely there and in this situation it slowly seeped out. A small quantity of course but it was noticeable. A small shadow appeared around Dizzery that looked almost like black flames. Hopefully Akiva wouldn't be too shocked but Dizzery himself was too excited to even notice.

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Posted on February 8th 2016 10:34 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva knew now the name of Dizzery but he still liked to call him a shrimp in his mind. Maybe he would accidently say it out loud but he would cross that bridge when he gets to it. But not right now. He was surprised how shrimp was so impressed when Akiva simply stated his name, it wasn't as if he had told his surname. Though he actually doubted that this guy would know the story of Beastbane, but yeah that's why he didn't say his surname Xerxes. If Dizzery would ask he would give his mother's family name which was Versaillus. He had learned from that mistake with Scáthach and it seemed as if she and Lilith where the only one that cared. But like he thought before, it didn't matter for now.

So he continued walking towards the end of Hosenka, where the training ground was, that was the last spot he had seen Scáthach, hopefully she would come to the circus tomorrow. He would see tomorrow, not now. He looked at Shrimp. The guy was sure getting enthousiastic, he was wondering what to do. But than there was this waterfall of questions and Akiva chuckled and shook his head. "One by one. First if I live here? The answer is yes. I live in the city center in my own apartment. Next question: There is a circus in town starting today and even though it's a little more busy than usual, it is mostly always busy. Hosenka is the city with the right clubs and most famous spas and besides that has the guild Blue Pegasus that a lot of people want to visit. I think it's one of the only Guilds that is also more of a bar for non members."

He wasn't sure if he had done something wrong because Shrimp was silent but than again, he had warned him. He would say later it would be fine. But not now, he was thinking about what to do for technic but than again he didn't know the power of Dizzery. He looked at him and saw the shadows. He almost took a step away from him but wasn't sure if that was smart. It was not his darkness, it was the magic of Dizzery himself. Akiva would almost sigh in relieve. 

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 9th 2016 08:04 PM
Character deleted

"--So, you live here?--"

Dizzery listened intently to each answer Akiva gave and smiled afterwards. He was originally expecting him to get pissed off but apparently Akiva didn't mind so much and just answered them all for the boy. After staying quiet for a little while, he actually noticed himself that his darkness was beginning to seep out and gave an awkward look at Akiva before turning his head forward again and ridding himself of the darkness. 

"Sorry about that. I tend to let my magic seep out when I get really excited. It is also harder to control my magic." he gave a small pause "But, you'll see what I mean when we arrive at the training spot" and then continued to walk. Hundreds upon hundreds of questions began going through his head and he became more curious at each one. 

"What magic does Akiva have? Is he really strong? How rich is he? What guild is he apart of, blue pegasus? Is he going to this "circus" any time soon? How many friends does he have? Does he train often?" all of these questions swarmed Dizzery's head but he decided not to ask any of them because they did get on the personal side and he didn't want to impose especially after just meeting the guy. He wanted to leave a good first impression which also meant that when they arrived at the training ground, Dizzery would try his best to fight well so that he wasn't considered weak by anyone. 

"So, are we nearly at the training ground or is there still quite a distance to go? And, is it a big training ground with lots of space or is it a small one? Also..." Dizzery decided to not ask the last question and then put a small smile back on his face before finishing his sentence "Never mind the last part. I was going to ask something but I decided not to. Anyway! I am looking forward to this" the boy said enthusiastically. A small grin could be seen growing on his face as he got gradually more excited with each step that was taken. 

There was so many questions he had for Akiva but so little time and he assumed that Akiva didn't want to sit there and listen to him ask hundreds of questions and then answering them would have been even worse.

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Posted on February 10th 2016 12:35 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva tried to nodd it off, the apology that Dizzery was giving and so on. But he was a little more tense in body language. He knew not exactly what to do or how to react to Darkness for he always tried to avoid it. It was always chasing him and yet not always too close. Was this a joke? He tried to keep it normal, but he was prepared, his left hand was clenched, Thank god Dizzery walked on his right side or he might have seen. 

"We're almost there." Akiva said coolly as he pointed out to the small walls that could be seen. "We have a big training ground here. You can either train in a simulator or we can train outside if it is not too busy. I'm not a big fan of the simulator. They mainly focus to support magics that I don't possess." He looked at Dizzery for he said also but left the question out. He frowned a little, his eyebrows moving closer together but he wouldn't bugger the guy with making the question. He only didn't like this way for it made him curious. "I'm sure I'll be fine with all your questions. You just caught me at a grumpy morning. So go on" It was his curiousity now. 

He waited a little and if Dizzery would ask questions that he could answer it would look like they were almost in a second at the edge of the training ground. He would let the boy decide what they would use, a simulator or just the normal plain grounds. However if Dizzery didn't ask any questions, the walk would look like it took much much longer to get there and again Akiva would wait for him to decide what to use. 

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 10th 2016 06:13 PM
Character deleted

"--A beast that was about to awaken--"

A small sigh would be heard from Dizzery as Akiva mentioned simulators. Of course, Dizzery would choose outside because he hated simulators. They didn't feel right at all and they made him feel like he wasn't awake and he preferred being awake more than anything as well as the fact that Akiva said they mainly focus on support magic and neither of them used that so it would basically be completely useless. The boy listened intently to everything Akiva said and then spun his head around to see if he could see anything else yet but he didn't. At the moment, Dizzery was tense, anxious and extremely excited. He was tense and anxious because he didn't know what type of magic Akiva used and was wondering if he would be incredibly strong or if he was just average. Dizzery could be classified as average or weak.

"It was nothing really, if I am honest. I was simply curious as to what type of magic you use. I haven't asked yet and I can't seem to tell. Are you a fire, ice or etc mage? Or are you one of these "prodigy" mages that are born with a special magic? I was just curious but I felt like it was too personal to JUST ask, so I didn't" he said gently. 

The boy seemed to put a small smile on his face almost as if to hide something like a lingering sadness but he did his best to not make it obvious but it was slightly noticeable to someone with a good eye. A small shiver came off Dizzery as they got closer and closer to the training ground but the wall grew even smaller as they approached it. Dizzery began to think to himself and started to just go into deep thought. This guy was the first person he had ever met since leaving magnolia and well, was still basically one of the first people he had ever met asides from his mother and a few guild mates. Which also meant that if they became friends, Akiva would be his first ever friend and that brought a small grin to his face. Dizzery hadn't really ever had friends because he was under the care of his mom and well, it would have been hard for a dragon to let her child wander off because looking for them would have been harder. A dragon out in the open isn't something that was common and sometimes people got too curious. 

They would reach the wall and Dizzery, being obnoxious, would place a foot on the wall with a small run and would push himself onto the top of the wall and would look around at the training ground that would be in front of him now. "Woaaaaaah! It is so coooooooool! Is this really where we're training?! When I arrived here, I didn't think I'd ever train somewhere like this! I thought it would be a small place that would be cramped but I guess not. It would be fair to say I owe you a thanks. So, thanks." Dizzery's eyes beamed like crazy and he seemed to be very excited, which he was. It was a common reason for people not approaching him actually. He always looked so childish and happy. Akiva would probably think he couldn't fight in all honesty but Dizzery was a very serious fighter as Akiva was about to find out.

Dizzery grew more anxious and tense with every second that went by. Training was about to begin...

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Posted on February 11th 2016 12:33 AM
Mana: 1445

Akiva tried to ease his bodylanguage, he didn't want any questions about that. He looked at Dizzery, with his ice blue coloured eyes. He was simply curious, Akiva wondered whom stopped him from asking curious questions. Was it himself? Could be thanks to the foul mood he had been in before. How he almost had pushed this kid away. He called him shrimp in his mind, kid or boy. But he doubted that Dizzery was much younger than he was. If he didn't count behaviour that is. 

"I possess a magic that makes me able to summon other types of magic." He said calmly. He put his hands in the pockets of his old black leather jacket as they reached. He didn't have much time to explain his magic, nor was he actually thinking about doing that. He actually wanted to summon one of his spells. He grinned a little when Dizzery wasn't watching, because shrimp was already getting more and more excited about the training, Akiva thought of an idea. 

When Dizzery ran to the small wall and jumped on it. Akiva summoned the Garrulus Glandarius. A little bird of around 40 centimeters that sat quitly down on his shoulder. "Keep quiet Finn, for now." He whispered to his summon. Wondering when Dizzery would notice, since he was now exclaiming the awesome-ness of the training field. It wasn't even that impressive, the simulations were more impressive. One he had joined with Scáthach a long time ago. Almost two months now. He just passed the wall through the door that was made there and entered the real training field. He saw a couple that had just finished training and walked away. Some nodded towards him, but they were not his guildmembers. He had seen their faces before though. "So let's train than." He walked onto the green field of grass, picked one of the four fields which immediately got a cross above him in the air. Meaning that this field was now taking, it would turn into an orange colour as soon as magic was used, which it immediately did because of Finn on his shoulder. He was proud of the little bird that still kept its beak closed. 


Name: Garrulus Glandarius
Rank: C-rank 
Summoning score: 25
Mana: / sustained: 50 Mana / 13 sustained mana
Type: Standard Summon
Element(s): Metal
Description: Akiva was once on top of the Mafia job for his father, the Xerxes clan. There was an informant, that suppose to give all the information and contracts, he didn't so when his father found out, Akiva was set on the job to kill him. The guy was called Finn and he was changed into Eurasian Jay, he has a body of 36 centimeters and a wingspan of 60 centimeter. But don't underestimate the small buddy. 

Health: 15 / 5  points
Magical Attack: 10
Magical Resistance: 3  
Physical Speed: 7
Mana: 100

Cooldown: 2 posts

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 11th 2016 01:30 AM
Character deleted

"--I'll go all out!!--"

A small grin appeared on Dizzery's face as the view of the training grounds became completely clear to him. There seemed to be four grassy fields that he could see. It also looked quite advanced and interesting. Dizzery glared around at the entire place, filled with enjoyment because he couldn't wait to step onto the battlefield and train with Akiva.

"Oooooh! Summoning magic?! That's so cool! I have never seen that before. I wonder how MY magic will do against that? I am so excited! Oh!" the boy said, looking forward, still unaware of the bird that Akiva had summoned. Dizzery never really paid attention unless he was fighting so he would probably assume that he summoned it when they had got onto the training ground but Akiva had stepped onto it already causing a cross to appear. "Huh... that's cool." he whispered to himself as he stepped onto the battlefield. He made his way a safe distance away from Akiva. Not too far and not too close. Perfect distance for his attack to work. He made a few more calculations before finally standing in his ready stance. 

"Cool bird ya got there. I assume it is one of your summons? That's freakin' awesome!" He said enthusiastically with a smile on his face but almost instantly after his smile dropped and his eyes became anchored to Akiva and the bird on his shoulder. He gave an intense stare like someone who was about to murder you and then clasped his hands together before whispering an incantation over and over that made him look like he was whispering a thousand different strategies on how to beat this guy which is almost exactly what he was doing. A few seconds later, he instantly without warning dashed to the side, circling Akiva like a vulture and when he reached the area he started at, he stopped, took a very deep breath and black shadows began to appear around him. After a few seconds of him doing this, his chest grew slightly larger and his eyes grew black. An intense gaze came off Dizzery as he released an immense amount of energy in the form of a shout. The words "Dragon slayer Art #1: String of Darkness" could be heard loud and clear. A black pillar of shadow came rushing from the very soul of Dizzery, straight out of his mouth and towards Akiva. 

Dizzery would follow up with a quick rush towards him, jumping into the air and bringing his foot directly down into his shoulder, aiming to break/dislocate Akiva's arm but breaking it would be a bit far and he didn't know the current strength of his opponent and he was being a bit reckless. It was the first time he had trained with a proper mage. 

"Dammit, I messed that up. I shouldn't have been so freakin' reckless. What was I doing? Okay, take more care this time. More care. I can do this." he thought to himself in a panicked tone. It was obvious at this point the anxiousness and excitement was getting to him but if he let it control him then this training session would be over very, very fast. Dizzery bit his lip, causing him to bleed a small amount to try and ease himself. The blood could be seen oozing down the left side of his face, from his mouth and when a drop of blood hit the floor, an immense blood thirst could be seen filling up within Dizzery. 

He continued to watch Akiva carefully. Not taking his eyes away for a single second...

Health 14 > 16(616/600)

Wordcount: (3636/3300) 

Spare words: 336

Mana: 470/500 

Name: String of darkness ( Yami no mojiretsu )
Rank: D 
Mana: 30 
Class: Offensive (Piercing)

Element(s): Darkness
Description: The power of darkness surges through the user and powers them up, making them look angrier each second that goes by. The power that is now freely accessible is then launched out in the form of a shout and goes towards the enemy at a decently fast rate. The Darkness is realized in a long beam of black shadows that look like shadows on fire or from another perspective, black strings. (The string of darkness is 1x1 meter wide and is circular)

    Damage: 3
    Distance: 3 meters 
    Speed: 1 m/s

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: instant

Posted on February 11th 2016 10:23 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva his ice blue eyes had changed into the harsh ones that were set as soon as he was about to fight. The eyes of Beastbane. The eyes that Dizzery performed got maybe close to his, the eyes of someone that might commit murder to win. He had commit murder to win. Twenty-four souls. That's why the tallies were on the knuckles of his left hand. Akiva remained on his spot, his eyes followed the young guy that ran around him. He didn't intend to move. "When he attacks Finn. Move behind me." he muttered against the bird for he had to keep his own weapon safe and sound. 

Akiva stared at Dizzery, he first had to yell his spells before he could use them. That was a nice surprise. He moved his right arm up to protect his eyes, Finn dropped from his shoulder and flew a little bit behind him. Akiva muttered the instruction. As soon as the Dark smoke or breath was gone, he would let the small bird attack. Standing less than two meters away, Finn, the Eurasian Jay could be near Dizzery in one second. With his Steel Wing spell activated on the right side, he crossed to the left from the right, going into a diagonal move. To cross over the Dragon Slayer his shoulder. Akiva was impressed. "How long have you been in the Human World? I'm sorry if that's rude, I only meet one Dragon Slayer before."

He shook of the Darkness, he could handle this, this was not bothering him from behind, the darkness that was lurking behind him, trying to pull him in. This was someone else his magic. There was no scratch on his body, even though Dizzery his spell had hit him completely. The guy tried to reach his shoulder, which might have been too high, since he stood tall at 6'1. He pushed against Dizzery and moved away. "Never panic. You need to keep your head clear in this game. If you ever meet a mage of Grimiore Heart or maybe even Phantom Lord. They might not hesitate to kill you. You need to train for this."  A clear mind was everything. 


Garrulus Glandarius: Sustained

Name: Steel Wing
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30 Mana
Class: Offensive (Slashing)
Element(s): Metal
Description: The wings of the Eurasian Jay are both 27 centimeters and change into a silver steel looking wing, either left or right, the summon must choose. With the physical attack stat this spell might become a little more difficult to miss but that's all up to the opponent. 

Damage: 3 + 10
Distance: Personal
Speed: 1 meter per second 

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Instant

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 12th 2016 07:59 PM
Character deleted

"--The mysterious second Darkness art--"

The boy, giving an intense stare, would listen to Akiva's question but would wait a little while before fully answering it. A few drops of blood dripped from his shoulder where the bird hit him and his eyes grew even darker making him look like a demon but he wasn't. The boy would tilt his head a little and continued to stare at Akiva with his intense-looking eyes.

"I don't remember. It's been a few years. Anyway. That's an interesting magic you've got there..." he smiled and looked at his arm "You got me good but I'll pay you back with five times the force, ya hear me?!" he said with a gleeful smile on his face. Though, it quickly went back to a dark, evil looking face with eyes full of hatred and anger that looked like it had been there for hundreds of years but obviously Dizzery wasn't that old. 

"But, he's pretty strong. He took my shout directly and didn't even end up scratched. That's... insane. Well, no time to be surprised. It's time to get the game cap on and get to work." he thought to himself

"Okay, if I am lucky. My plan worked and he suspects I have to shout to pull off moves but if he doesn't... Well, there's nothing to lose. Here we go! I'm going to use the orbs on him. He'll never suspect something so puny to come towards him." he thought to himself. He would move away from the man a little and then close in on him again. Standing exactly three meters away. He would, in one fluid motion, put his hand out in front of him, with his other hand holding the wrist and he would prepare his next attack.

"Darkness dragon slayer art #2: ------" the words he said after the number two were inaudible but just before he finished speaking, four small orbs would be seen flying directly at Akiva spacing a meter apart in total. There was a decently high chance he'd dodge but if he moved the way Dizzery wanted him to, then everything would go according to plan and the fight would slowly fall into Dizzery's grasp. Or so he hoped. Afterwards, if Akiva moved to the left, backwards or up, Dizzery would rush around the right side and lift a foot, turn his body quickly and attempt to slam his leg into Akiva, with his eye on the bird in case it would come round to attack again. If Akiva ended up jumping, Dizzery would run and jump as high as he could and grab the man's leg attempting to throw him in mid air due to assistance from fall. 

When they would both land again, Dizzery would follow up with a few quick punches to the stomach, then launch himself backwards to get out of the range of Akiva's attacks.

"I hope I am not disappointing you at all. I could be doing better but you're a lot stronger than I thought. Well, maybe this is what I get for challenging a random person, Eh?" he said in a confident tone for some reason. A small drip of blood rolled down his lip and hit the ground with a very quiet "Sploosh." The boy wiped his face quickly and got into a ready stance for when Akiva attacked. He wasn't sure if the stance he had was strong but in the worst case scenario he had his hands in a position to be able to use his magic wall quickly.

Name:  God's darkness (Kami no yami)
Rank: D 
Mana: 30 
Class: Offensive (piercing)

Element(s): Darkness
Description: Four small orbs appear in the hand of the user and the can be thrown at their opponents to cause a small amount of damage. Usually they wouldn't hurt too much and they would appear to be weak but if you are hit by all of them, it will mostly likely begin to hurt. Each orb is pure black and is made from darkness. They are about 50x50 centimeters and don't range much bigger. They, when thrown, do move together and are spaced 25 centimeters away from each other covering an area that is 1 meter long.

    Damage: 3
    Distance: 3 meters 
    Speed: 1 m/s

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Instant 

Health 16 > 18(619/600)

Wordcount: (4225/3900) 

Spare words: 325

Mana: 440/500 

Posted on February 12th 2016 09:14 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva wanted to laugh at the shrimp his face. What was he trying to pull off? He sort of looked ridiculous, the idea that he tried to look impressive and become scary, he had a lot to learn. Not that Akiva would tell him and nor Dizzery would ever find out because he didn't share the secret of being Beastbane, the killer of Fiore. The man that was rumoured and yet not known. Yes there was this rumour about the guy called Beastbane that killed twenty-four people, but they didn't know his real name and neither did they know how he looked, so it was a little bit difficult. He was bleeding, but than again he had taken the thirteen damage that Finn could make. "Good job little buddy. Let's take it from the top, second round." He whispered again to the bird that sat again on his shoulder. He eyed Dizzery, whom again started to piss Akiva off without him noticing. His face looked as if he knew the world and could interpretend what everyone their fear was, the fear of a face like his. Akiva's fear was something worse. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Dizzery. He hoped the boy would not become such a thing ever. Dizzery said more about that he would hit Akiva five times harder and he would like to see him try. 

He was prepared for a next attack and as was Finn, if Dizzery started to talk, the Eurasian Jay jumped off the shoulder to fly behind Akiva again. Akiva slowly counted inside his head, four orbs of Darkness were coming and again he didn't move. There would be a moment where he would be hit but the moment wasn't now. He followed Dizzery with his eyes and when the boy came from the right side, he quickly took a few steps behind and put out his foot. In case Dizzery took a run for it, he might not see Akiva his foot and he would fall over it. He could also just stop or jump over it but in any case Akiva had been out of his way. He nodded which was a sign for Finn to move away from behind Akiva and use the metal claws to push against the back of Dizzery. 

Dizzery turned towards him and hit him on the stomach, which actually didn't hurt that much. He sighed softly and summoned a new friend on the field. "Octavia. It's time to fight." The kangaroo showed up on Akiva his left side and at unison they took both a step to the right so Dizzery was punshing Octavia instead of Akiva. "I don't like this." She said and she tried to hit him just the same back with her red boxing gloves. 

Mana: 669/825

Garrulus Glandarius sustained - 40/100 Mana

Name: Metal Claw
Rank: D-rank
Mana: 30 Mana
Class: Offensive (Slashing)
Element(s): Metal
Description: The claws on the Eurasian Jay are not that big, maybe even smaller than the size that this one has. The claws (the total thing) is five centimeter each. Meaning ten centimeters in total. They are black and have a shimmer of metal over them once the spell is used. They give off slashing damage when the bird passes you, it is personal in space so can't be send towards you. 

Damage: 3 + Summon Stats
Distance: Personal
Speed: 1 meter per second 

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: Instant


Name: Macropus Rufus
Rank: B-rank
Summoning score: 31
Mana: / sustained: 80 Mana/ 20 Sustained Mana
Type: Combat Summon
Element(s): Air
Description: There was a woman amoung the mids of the Xerxes Mafia Clan. She was a good one, finding information, struting around to do what she needed to do. However she was two timing, she worked with another company that wanted many more stocks and shares with the Xerxes-clan. She tried to make sure of that and she wasn't the smartest one, she was one with a short temper. When finally found out, Akiva was send on the job, the woman Octavia, was quite a fight and he saved her soul and turned her soul into a Red Kangaroo with red boxing gloves. She is around 1.60 in height and has 90 centimeter of tail. 

Health:  25 / 10 points
Magical Resistance: 3
Physical Attack: 8
Physical Resistance: 5
Physical Speed: 5
Mana: 250

Weapon: Red boxing gloves
 12 Damage (Physical Damage) 
Class:  Blunt

Cooldown: 4 posts

tldr: Akiva took a step back, got fully hit by the spell but didn't do any damage for his resistance (since the start of this topic) is 4. When he moved back, Finn attacked you again with Metal Claw. I kind of assumed you would still try to hit his stomach if you more or less stood in front of him and he switched places with Octavia (Macropus Rufus). 

You already got hit by one spell of Finn which gave you 13 damage. Meaning you have a Health left of 57. 

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 13th 2016 06:23 PM
Character deleted

"--I'm done with this--"

Dizzery would get pushed a decent distance away from Akiva as the kangaroo-looking thing hit him in the stomach, dealing quite a lot of damage as well as the bird hitting his back, ripping his shirt a little. It was beginning to tire Dizzery out and was probably boring the hell out of Akiva because this fight was extremely easy for him. If you were to watch the fight, it would almost look like he wasn't even trying while Dizzery gave it his best. Quite sad in all honesty. A small amount of blood would splash onto the ground as Dizzery gave a painful cough. 

"You got me good." he said, sounding disappointed in himself and with good reason. He picked a fight, said he would win and is now being beat like he was a child fighting a tank. It was almost insulting to Akiva. Dizzery, now badly hurt, would make his back straight and stare directly at Akiva, his kangaroo and the bird. Well, he was outnumbered. Dizzery gave a small sigh. 

"One more attack. If I miss, you'll win. If I hit, well... I guess we'll find out." he said with a stern voice. Before he could even move, a small memory of Dizzery's would come back and distract him. It would appear to take seconds for Akiva but for Dizzery, it would feel like forever.

"--The past. A cold and hard truth--"

"C'mon dammit! Stop being so useless Dizzery. We're going to continue doing this until you get it right, do you hear me?!" his mother would shout. "Yeah, yeah! I got you. Ugh, I'm trying my hardest but it's not easy." he sighed, he sounded like he was about to cry. "Oh, stop being such a baby. Now come at me again. This time, hit me. Don't hesitate." Dizzery ran at his mother as fast as he could, pulling his arm back and getting ready to slam it into her but as he jumped into the air, she'd slam her tail into him, sending him flying back down to the ground. "Do you ever listen to anything I say? Go again!" and this went on for the next two days straight. 

"C'MON! YOU CAN DO IT!!" she roared at him and he ran towards her, keeping an eye on her tail and claws. Her tail came swooshing at him and he jumped onto it, pushing upwards towards her face. Her left claw came directly at him and he would grab onto it as it hit him and push up, using it as a slingshot to shoot him directly at her face. His fist pulled back and a dark aura appeared around it. A few seconds later, the fist hit her directly in the face. However, it didn't do anything at all. 
"Good. The only problem you have is a lack of strength, but by training, you'll get stronger and stronger. DON'T FORGET THIS. It may come in useful to you at some point, never forget." she said. And the memory faded out...

Dizzery gave a surprised face and then his face returned to its normal look. He watched Akiva and then waited till the kangaroo, bird and him were perfectly aligned. He would rush at Akiva, running directly at him and made it look like he was doing the same thing however, when he would reach Akiva, has hand would hit the ground as it looked like he tripped and his fit would come up towards Akiva's face. When the foot was about to hit Akiva's face, he would quickly pull it back down and have his face only a few inches away from his face. "HERE WE GO!" and he would use String of darkness again. Being only a few inches away, hopefully the attack would actually do some damage this time. Using the momentum of the attack, he would push himself a safe distance away, still bleeding from both of Akiva's attacks. "Dammit, I don't think I did good enough..." he would say, as he fell on to one knee and his eyes gave a twitch. He pushed himself back onto his feet and watched Akiva. He couldn't see much because the shadows from the attack were still dispersing. "I hope I did you proud mother..." he whispered to himself. 

Name: String of darkness ( Yami no mojiretsu )
Rank: D 
Mana: 30 
Class: Offensive (Piercing)

Element(s): Darkness
Description: The power of darkness surges through the user and powers them up, making them look angrier each second that goes by. The power that is now freely accessible is then launched out in the form of a shout and goes towards the enemy at a decently fast rate. The Darkness is released in a long beam of black shadows that look like shadows on fire or from another perspective, black strings. (The string of darkness is 1x1 meter wide and is circular)

    Damage: 3
    Distance: 3 meters 
    Speed: 1 m/s

Cooldown: 1 post
Duration: instant

Health 18 > 20(746/600)

Wordcount: (4971/3500) 

Spare words: 471

Mana: 410/500 

Health: 32/70

Posted on February 13th 2016 07:22 PM
Mana: 1445

Akiva nodded at what Dizzery was saying. He frowned a little when he saw all the blood. Finn was again sitting on his shoulder and Octavia stood next to him with her arms crossed. She shifted her eyes from Akiva to Dizzery all the time. He remained standing while Dizzery moved towards him and simply blocked his face, he was almost certain he could handle it and again nothing happened to himself while Dizzery used the same spell. Right before the spell hit him, he yelled to his two summons to move behind him. Which wasn't that much of a problem. He didn't want them to go in for another attack, he had done enough and he didn't want Dizzery to lose too much blood. 

He was hit fully with the spell but like before nothing happened and when the attack was gone he dusted himself off and waited till the smoke was removed. "What would you want me to do now? Attack you till you are knock out or shall we stop?" He didn't try to sound too arrogant, even though he was satisfied that he had won. It was easy though, he already had the feeling that Dizzery had less magical power than he had. Since technically Dizzery didn't miss with the attack, it just had no effect on the Blue Pegasus mage. "You did well for a beginner." 

Victorious Theme

Posted on February 13th 2016 08:51 PM
Character deleted

"--Been there, done that--"

A small sigh came from Dizzery as he stood up straight and walked over to Akiva. He wasn't going in for an attack or anything, just so that he could actually hear Dizzery speak.

"Nah, we both know there's no point in continuing this. You did well, sorry to disappoint. You have good skills, I hope to fight you again some time and maybe actually beat you but no one knows what the future holds." he gave Akiva a gentle smile and began to walk towards the edge of the training grounds,

"Oh, hey! Thanks for taking me here and helping me train though, I appreciate it. Remember, my name is Dizzery. If you ever need me for something, just send a letter to the Fairy tail guild in magnolia, I'll get it quite fast. I usually check in. I mean, I'm new to it but whatever. Again, it was fun training with you. Am I allowed to consider you a friend?" he said with a small chuckle before stepping off the training ground they were just on and he began to walk away. He stopped to wave at the man who he had just trained with and then ran off towards the nearest food store and munched on a few things he bought for himself.

"What a nice guy. At first, I assumed he was a complete asshole but I guess assuming things is a bad idea. Well, I didn't expect my ass to get handed to me so badly..." he said, sliding his shirt up and looking at his bruised stomach, his cut up shoulder and showing his slightly cut up back. There was still blood dripping from each Injury but it would heal eventually. He just had to avoid any fights for the time being and try not to be an idiot. He left the shop and made his way to a small square within the city to buy himself a flat for the night and when he had done so, headed up stairs and lay down for awhile, remembering the memory he had in the middle of that fight. Why did it come to him so randomly? Was it because he was stuck and was about to be completely wiped out or was it because his mother was giving him a sign? Well, the last one sounds stupid to most people but it wouldn't be impossible. 

He sat here for an hour, thinking over everything that had happened. His bad moves, his good, how to improve, the memory and the new guy he had just met. Akiva. He was an interesting fellow. His attitude, his tallies, his magic and everything else. Truly the first time Dizzery had been so interested in something. After a few more minutes, Dizzery ended up falling asleep in the bed, ready to wake up and head to the circus the next morning. After all, why come here and not end up going...

Magical attack 0>1(502/500)

Wordcount: (5473/5000) 

Spare words: 473


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