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This website is based on the Fairy Tail series. But you don’t have to read/watch Fairy Tail to be able to write here. We only use some canon names for NPCs. Feel free to look around and staff is always trying to help you as good as they can if you have questions or suggestions. Please read the rules before you start to make it a lot easier for yourself, after that you can decide to join and we wish you a lot of fun!

Fiore RP is for everyone, we support socials but also have the opportunity to use a lot of combat. Apart from that the staff hosts a couple of events per year in which you can gain more experience to rank up, powers to train and other potential prizes. Our site is character based, which means we support character plots and development.

July 15th 2016 - We're sorry to announce that Fiore RP has closed down.

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Learn more about the rules of Fiore RP

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Information & Claims

All useful information can be found here, such as the site plot, as well as claim lists, like the limited magics, the faceclaims, the guilds and the Renegade and Paragon list.

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This is where you will find all announcements, such as forum updates or events.

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Introductions & Absences

New to the site? Post an introduction here to let us know more about you! Or are you leaving us, whether this is for good or for a while? Let us know here.

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  • Posted on: July 3rd 2016 03:30 PM
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Staff Center

Need something approved or rewarded? Post it here and staff will get to it as soon as possible

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Questions & Suggestions

If you have any questions and/or suggestions relating the site, you can post those here!

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Character Creation

This is where you create your character. You will find the application template here as well.

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  • Posted on: July 18th 2016 05:01 AM
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Keeping Track

This is where you will be able to post your character sheet, your training sheet and your bank.

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Here is where you will create your spells!

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Shopping District

Here is where you will be able to buy new magics, weapons, pets and all those kind of things!

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Request Board


This is the sites request board, all sorts of mages can find different jobs here.

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Crocus Royal Society of Exploration

Here you can find request that go out of the country, if you want to go on an expedition, this is your place.

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Make here your own Request for everyone to play. Be sure to follow the template!

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  • Posted on: February 10th 2016 11:09 AM
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North Fiore

Worth Woodsea

Worth Woodsea is a large forest complex. Speculations are that you can find the Grimoire Heart Guild somewhere in the forest, but nobody knows this for sure.

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Oak is an old castle town, situated on a hill and surrounded by forests and mountains, with a river nearby. It is the current location of the Phantom Lord Guild.

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East Fiore


Magnolia is a western-style town, and the current location of the Fairy Tail Guild. It is a merchant city that has been prosperous in Magic since the ancient era.

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Clover town is a rather small town situated in a mountainous area, surrounded by forests. It is the current location of the Sabertooth Guild.

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Hargeon is one of the Fiore's ports and also one of its most beautiful old towns. The town is more prosperous and renowned in fishing rather than Magic.

  • Written by: Yumi
  • Posted on: June 24th 2016 12:05 PM
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Central Fiore


Crocus is the capital of Fiore and the city where the royal family lives. Being the capital of the Kingdom, Crocus is by far the largest town in Fiore.

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Domus Flau

A Battle Arena, where you can challenge your fellow citizen as well as NPC.

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West Fiore


Hosenka is a town built in an oriental architecture style. It is considered a "flashy" place. It is the current location of the Blue Pegasus Guild.

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South Fiore


Era is a large town, built around a high, rocky mountain. The mountain nests the headquarters of the highest authority in the world of Magic, the Magic Council.

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Galuna Island

Galuna Island is located far into the sea, with no other land visible around it. It is shaped like a crescent moon with small islands extending the area, covered by a large number of trees, green plants, vines and steep rocks which make it harder to hike. A small village lies within the island.

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Out of Character

Member Lounge

Here you can post the most random games, play member games etc.

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To those of you that want to advertise on our site, we use a special guest account: Name: Guest Password: guestaccount

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